Riga St. Peter's church

Latvian Radio Choir Anniversary Concert “Canticum Canticorum”

A joint collaboration between the Latvian Radio Choir and the “Sarband” ensemble (Germany/Middle East), “Canticum Canticorum” is the result of a two-year sound laboratory in which, drawing inspiration from the musical cultures of the United Kingdom and the Middle East, composers from Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Greece, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Jordan have attempted to create a unique new sound. In terms of its content, the project revolves around the texts of the Song of Songs in the Old Testament. During the project, several new compositions have been composed by Lasse Thoresen (Norway), Toivo Tulev (Estonia), Mārtiņš Viļums, Santa Ratniece, Bushra El-Turk (Lebanon/United Kingdom) and Vladimir Ivanoff (Bulgaria/Germany).

Riga St. Peter's church The Latvian Radio Choir