27.09.2016. - 18.10.2016.
Latvian Railway History Museum

The contemporary art exhibition "Light at the End of the Cable"

The exhibition took place from the end of September until late October 2016 at the Latvian Railway History Museum. It showcased works created by Latvian artists in the 21st century, which are part of the collection of the future Contemporary Art Museum and belong to the Latvian State.

The title of the exhibition came from Dita and Anta Pence’s light installation, which was part of this collection. The subject of both this work of art and the other works in the exhibition was the digital era and all the challenges it poses, including virtual reality, possibilities for manipulation and technology-based romanticism, or quite the reverse, expression full of paradoxes.

Since 2005, the exhibits of the future Contemporary Art Museum have been selected by an international commission of experts. The curator of the exhibition "Light at the End of the Cable", Helēna Demakova has been a member of this commission of experts from the time of its inception.

Latvian Railway History Museum