The New Riga Theatre

The performance “Brodsky/Baryshnikov”

Nobel Prize winning poet Joseph Brodsky and Mikhail Baryshnikov had been friends for 22 years until Brodsky’s death in 1996.

Now they meet again on stage. In a unique theatrical adventure conceived by Alvis Hermanis, Baryshnikov recites and interprets Brodsky’s poems. Hermanis and Baryshnikov take us into an imagined world to viscerally experience Brodsky’s complicated, lyrical and potent wordplay. Spoken in Mr. Brodsky’s mother tongue, BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV tries, through spoken word and movement, to reproduce the poet’s versatile spiritual world filled with high meaning and true emotions.

Performed in Russian, with surtitles.

Actor: Mikhail Barishikov, director: Alvis Hermanis, set designer: Kristīne Jurjāne, lighting designer: Gļebs Fiļštinskis.

The New Riga Theatre