Creative workshops “With Seven-League Boots” attract the interest of a record number of kids

For the first time in the history of the Art Museum Riga Bourse, educational activities for kids are taking place every day in response to the huge demand for them. Contemporary art has proved to be the most conducive means of engaging the younger generation. Kids respond to the means of expression used in contemporary art with excitement and in a non-judgmental manner and are happy to test their skills at creating works of art.

The most popular educational activity is “The Colour Workshop”, during which kids visit the exhibition “With Seven-League Boots. First Stop - Denmark”, paying special attention to the colours and colour fields they can see in the works of art, as well as to the objects and images that these colour fields create. After visiting the exhibition, workshop participants experiment with colour; each creating their own personal work of art.

“All of the morning activities are already full booked. Therefore, in October - right through to the end of the exhibition - we are also offering afternoon activities for which reservations can be made at the museum. Instead of the usual paintbrushes, we use balloons, thus nurturing children’s creative self-expression and allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their imagination. The demand for these workshops has been so great that “Colour Workshops” for pre-school and primary school kids take place every day,” explains the museum’s Education Project Manager Kristīne Milere. 

The exhibition “With Seven-League Boots. First Stop - Denmark” is taking place until 25 October under the auspice of the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation’s arts programme TÊTE-À-TÊTE 2015. Family groups visiting the exhibition can receive the family exhibition guide “Art Researcher: Contemporary Art”, which contains various tasks free of charge. In addition, the exhibition catalogue can be downloaded for free from the TÊTE-À-TÊTE homepage: tat.lv.

Meanwhile, a special family day entitled “Unusual Art” will be held on 10 October. This showcase of contemporary art from Denmark is the first exhibition in a cycle of exhibitions entitled “With Seven-League Boots”, whose aim is to introduce the Latvian public to the very best examples of the contemporary art collections of museums in the Baltic Sea region during the period in which the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art is being built.