Photo: Kristaps Kalns

Garanca and Pauls Will Rendezvous for an Evening of Creative Collaboration in White Hide-and-Seek

On the evening of Saturday, 18 September, composer Raimonds Pauls and opera singer Elina Garanca will rendezvous at the Latvian National Theatre for White Hide-and-Seek, a concert which not only promises to be a memorable creative collaboration between these two leading lights of the musical stage, but also one of the highlights of Boris and Inara Teterev’s arts programme TÊTE-À-TÊTE 2016. A joint production with the Latvian National Theatre, this concert will include the global premiere of a number of new songs specially composed for Elina Garanca and interlaced with poetry by Vizma Belsevica. White Hide-and-Seek will be the first occasion that both artists have ever met on a concert stage. The programme for this musical evening will be made up of vocal opuses, instrumental improvisations and conversation. Music lovers unable to attend the concert itself will have the chance to listen to it live by tuning into Latvian Radio’s Klasiska programme.

Interviewed on Benefice, a show that is part of Latvian Radio’s Klasika programme, about his collaboration with the mezzo-soprano, Raimonds Pauls explained that, "With a singer like Elina Garanca… In collaborating with her, one has to give thought to a repertoire that is custom-tailored for her, because there is no need for her to sing the stuff we usually sing here… She can sing anything, because Elina’s talent lies in her wonderful command of melody; technically, she has no problems whatsoever! We performed the first version of Light, Show Me the Way together with Zigfrids Muktupavels. But that was a different style. With Elina, it’s completely different, and, it seems to me, that we’ve got it right. Maybe, if we were to take some excellent Latvian poetry, we could write some romantic-style vocals for Elina? I don’t want to promise anything, but, if it occurred to Elina that we should take that course, we could give it a try…”

According to philanthropists Boris and Inara Teterev, “Both artists are leading lights and the pride of contemporary Latvian culture. What’s more, both have notable birthdays this year. Their joint concert will offer the Latvian public its first ever chance to savour a mouth-watering and truly moving event.”

Over the past decade, thanks to her memorable performances at the world’s leading opera houses, Elina Garanca has shot to fame as one of the greatest talents in world opera music. Critics have been awed by her virtuoso performances in leading mezzo-soprano roles and the great lengths to which she goes to step into character - her sublime voice exudes power and warmth, accentuated by her majestic grace and charisma. Her status as an artist with the Deutsche Grammophon recording company dates back to 2005 and has so far produced six solo albums, three of which have won the ECHO Klassik Prize.

Such is Raimonds Pauls’ fame, stemming from his legendary career as a pianist and the preeminent songwriter of Latvian popular music, that he is not just the most famous composer in Latvia, but also in lands far beyond it. More often than not, Pauls either performs his own compositions or is the concert master for other performers. His piano playing is distinguished by his highly individual, fleeting and strikingly reductive touch, making his style both inimitable and unforgettable.  

On 17 September at 13.30, the Latvian National Theatre’s Large Hall will be the venue for a meeting between the team responsible for the concert, i.e. Elina Garanca, Raimonds Pauls and philanthropist Inara Teterev, and journalists, during which those present will have the chance to listen to the musical performance, view the newly-released compact disc and ask questions.