Photo: Boriss Kaufmans/Sputnik

The TÊTE-À-TÊTE 2016 Programme Ends with a Story of First and Last Love

From 22 October, there will be another exciting addition to the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre’s repertoire in the form of Alla Sigalova’s production of To Love, based on Viktoriya Tokareva’s play So Be It, with a set design by Nikolai Simonov and costumes designed by Alexandre Vassiliev.

“Produced by an all-star creative team, this play is the concluding event of this season’s TÊTE-À-TÊTE arts programme. The names of the creative team behind each and every forthcoming production are very significant, because of their area of expertise. Every project they’re involved in is a source of intrigue, which viewers look forward to with great excitement. We hope that this opening performance will become one of the theatre season’s unforgettable events,” explain philanthropists Boris and Ināra Teterev.

Viktoriya Tokareva writes about love like nobody else: in a unique and truly inimitable signature style that is fresh, light and devoid of banality; and such that one starts breathing in rhythm with the leading characters. This play, on which the production To Love is based, offers yet more evidence of Tokareva’s quintessential wit, irony and bittersweet sadness, which precipitate a love story...

And it is not just one story, because each leading character in a play lives with love - bearing it within, burning in it, and longing for it... Requited love gives one wings, whereas the unreciprocated kind offers life experience alone. Nevertheless; happy or unhappy, love gives life more meaning than anything else, it is its only true reference point and the driving force that transforms both man and the world.